Mission Statement

Our Vision

We want to build a global network of diverse individuals and entities willing to work together to increase visibility in the creative world for women artists of all disciplines, backgrounds, and stages of career.

Our Mission

We recognize that women interested in pursuing art-related careers often face severe institutional, societal, and economical inequalities. We work to bridge this gap through providing information, guidance, as well as opportunities for women artists to showcase their works and obtain greater recognition. We strive to not only build a thriving network among women artists, but also connect them with key players in all sectors related to the arts, such as curators, gallery owners, art directors and dealers. Through laying these groundworks, we hope to help women artists and the larger society to recognize art as a economically viable and sustainable career path.

Our Mantra

IWAS grounds its synergy in kindness, trust, fairness, inclusivity, respect, humor and nonrestrictive thinking.

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